Samsung Tab 10.1
rotating support A3
LED 5mm
HTC Touch HD

Hin Huat Co Limited was founded in 2007.

It is a holding company with subsidiaries in China, Hong Kong, Russia and the Netherlands.  The company is headquartered in the city of Shenzhen, China.

We have gained a lot of experience and loyal customers from different countries including wholesale distributors, retailers, manufacturers, large service networks that want to produce and buy products directly from China.

With years of experience, we have justified our reliability and credibility to more than a dozen of our clients.

Our credo is an individual approach to each client and solving complex, non-standard tasks

Our convenient location allows you to use the fastest-growing markets of China, Southeast Asia.

Our company also has extensive experience in the Middle Asian Republics of the former USSR, especially Uzbekistan.

Today, Uzbekistan is the most interesting market from our point of view .The Republic develops its economy, attracts new technologies and production.

Our employees have 25 years of work experience in the Republic of Uzbekistan. We know the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the mentality and customs, which allows us to provide consulting and marketing services in projects of any technical complexity.

With a team of experienced and highly qualified professionals, we offer a high quality service for each customer who is planning or already working in Southeast Asia and Central Asian Republics of the former USSR.

Basic services for importers:

  • Free preliminary consultation
  • Marketing research
  • Consulting services
  • Financial support for projects
  • Lending to commercial transactions
  • Export-import transactions
  • Participation in tenders
  • Audit supplier, manufacturer

The success of our business is due to the success of our customers and this is why we offer only high quality service.

The basis of our business is ensuring success of our client Confidence & Trust doesn’t come on its own. It Needs to be proven, fought over every day, year after year by using and proving our honesty, reliability and dedication.
Credibility & Trust comes when you full fill on the promises made supporting it real, concrete actions.
Trust is base of Hin Huat Co Limited. It is the heart of our identity.


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